Richpanel updates
Richpanel updates

New inbox UI


New Feature


We spoke with a number of support reps to understand what they’d like in their ideal inbox. All our users came up with a lot of interesting ideas.

We were hesitant to make changes since any changes to the inbox means breaking the daily flow for agents. So we have been very deliberate with this launch and released a version of the inbox that is truly customizable to each and everyone’s unique working style.

1 - Columns are now draggable

You can resize the widths of conversation list and customer side bar. Untitled design (7).png

2- Introducing List View

You can now view your inbox in a list view like Gmail. Web-Inbox-4@2x (2).png

3- More of each message in preview

You'll now see the subject line and the last message in the message preview.

Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 2.18.02 AM.png